Benjamin *R.I.P.*

My first "pet" toad, Benjamin. She lived in our yard and lived under our front porch and we called the fern plant in our front yard her vacation home. She ignited my interest in toads because she was so aware and human like and I just loved waiting for her to reappear each Spring and then finding her every night when I took my dog out. Unfortunately, I suddenly started to notice a young opossum in our yard a few nights in a row and then my sweet Benjamin went missing, which she had done a few times before but she would always show back up a few days later. But she never reappeared so I had to assume she was eaten. But then my boyfriend started finding little tiny baby toadlets all over our yard and that when I became an official toad parent. I do still miss my lil Benji though.
  1. Benjamin's Vacation Home
  2. In her favorite hidey hole
  3. IMG 0386
  4. My sweet chubber!!
  5. She was a VERY nourished lady!
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