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    Hey everyone. So I got home last night and noticed my dear frog, E.T., seems to have a little redness under one of his eyes. I couldn't get the best picture, but its definitely look a little inflamed. So I'm trying to figure out what exactly it is. I suspect it is a bacterial infection, and if so, I'd like to go ahead and treat it. I cleaned his tank out on Monday, so I'm not sure how I didn't notice his eye before then. If anyone can tell me what to do to treat him, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi! I hope this is nothing serious. I've never had an ACF, so I was hesitant to reply to your thread, but it's been a little while, and nobody else has responded yet. I had tadpoles some time ago, and some appeared sick. I can't recommend any treatment without knowing what it is, but my tadpoles appeared to have red leg, which is a bacterial infection. If this is a bacterial infection, Tetracycline might be a viable option. I would recommend looking into it heavily before thinking about using it on your frog. It requires a daily dose for 10 days, each day switching out 30% or so of the water. It CAN be dangerous if you don't switch the water, as I found out with a container of tadpoles I forgot to switch the water on. What I used was API Tetracycline, it is in a powdered form. I think it is mainly intended for fish, but my searching online found a number of instances of it being used on frogs, and it helped the vast majority of my tadpoles. Sorry for the long post, I hope it's helpful. I'm going to look up the condition as well as the use of API Tetracycline on ACFs and add an edit. Good luck!
    Edit: Looked it all up. Most of what I found related to bloating or red leg, but I found some stuff that might help.
    This thread doesn't seem to be about exactly what yours has, but it recommends a medication over tc Tetracycline. The links below have a bit more, and the wet web media link includes a thread on red puffiness on/around the eyes and lips, and they recommended some medications. It is worthy to note most of these indicate another symptom is swimming crooked, so that's something to watch out for.
    I wish I had more actual experience with this stuff. It may be worth it to look into vets with amphibian experience, although they seem to be rare. It doesn't look to be that bad, so maybe you caught it very early if it is a bacterial infection.

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