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Thread: Adding a new White's Tree Frog to my tank?

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    Default Adding a new White's Tree Frog to my tank?

    Hi there! I currently have a white's tree frog that is about 2.5-3" long. I want to get a baby but realize there is the possibility of my current frog thinking the smaller one is dinner. The smaller frog is closer to 1-1.5". Does anyone know how quickly the baby will grow so I can avoid buying an entire separate habitat or what size it will need to be in order to avoid risking it being considered lunch? I could set up a temporary tank for the time being for it but it would be under 5 gallons and I wouldn't want to keep it there long term obviously. Thank you!

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    Default Re: Adding a new White's Tree Frog to my tank?

    I would house a frog that small in a separate tank about 5-10 gallons in size with the appropriate accommodations, for a temporary time. Also, any new frog you get should be quarantined in a separate tank for a month or longer, before being added in with other frogs. New frogs can have diseases/illnesses that don’t show up until a later time.

    A baby WTF can grow up to 0.5 in 3 weeks; at that rate the frog could grow 1.5 inches in 2 1/4 months. However, depending on what you feed the frog and how much, will affect the growth rate of your frog. So it could take quicker or longer for the frog to reach that size.

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