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Thread: Are Bufo Toads dangerous to dogs/kids?

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    Default Are Bufo Toads dangerous to dogs/kids?

    I just purchased a Bufo toads from the local pet store yesterday. This toad is a gift for my 11 year old grandson. I asked the owner all the normal questions about care, etc. Now I have been reading about the Bufo toad (on the internet) and find that it can shoot poisonous liquid up to two meters. It also can be deadly to dogs. Is this true of ALL Bufo toad or just certain ones? Surly the LPS owner would have told me about these concerns if this type of Bufo toad has these certain characteristics - especially after I told him it was for my 11 year old grandson? Any information about this toad would be helpful - its is beautiful and just what my grandson has been looking for BUT I don’t want to take a chance with him getting sick OR the dog accidentally coming in contact with the toad and dying. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Are Bufo Toads dangerous to dogs/kids?

    It really depends on the type of toad. Cane toads for example if they find themselves in a dog's or child's mouth can kill them if it becomes ingested and goes untreated. The toxin's of Bufo toads are produced in those large gland behind their eyes.

    If squeezed or stressed enough any Bufo toad will produce a white puss looking substance that oozes from these glands. I've never personally seen it shoot out but I imagine with enough stress and pressure it would be possible.

    Just be sure your grandson knows how to handle the toad (not squeeze it) and keep the dog away from any direct interaction with it and everything should be fine. Toads are a pet you guys shouldn't be handling much anyway since they are very sensitive to the oils and salts on our hands. Their skin is so much different then ours.. they even drink through it! :P

    Don't let this all turn you off from toads, they are a wonderful and usually very hardy pet for children if these couple precautions are followed.

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    Default Re: Are Bufo Toads dangerous to dogs/kids?

    As Wormwood said, it really depends on what kind of toad it is. "Bufo Toad" is just a general catch-all name used by vendors when they couldn't be bothered to find out what kind of toad they're selling. In any case, for the toad to pose any danger to your child or dog, they would have to bite down on it in their mouths. I can think of plenty of things around my house (particularly under the sink) that are equally dangerous or more so and don't require me to bite them, simply spray them in my mouth or eyes.
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    Default Re: Are Bufo Toads dangerous to dogs/kids?

    We have 4 toads, my kids know not to handle them. They still LOVE them though. They are like little puppies, you walk up to the tank and they get all excited because they think it is feeding time EVERY time they see us LOL As long as he follows the hands off rule or handles him properly, you shouldn't have any problems.
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    Default Re: Are Bufo Toads dangerous to dogs/kids?

    It kind of depends on the toad. I'd make sure your grandson knows to wash his hands after touching the toad and keep the handling to a minimum.

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    Default Re: Are Bufo Toads dangerous to dogs/kids?

    Thanks for the information. I do feel better about keeping the toad. I grew up playing with frogs/toads and my grandson has always had a fascination with them. He knows to be gentle and wash his hands - but now I will reinforce the "do not squeeze" rule each time I reinforce the "wash your hands" rule when ever he holds the toad. Thanks again…

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