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Thread: How to feed RETF???

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    Question How to feed RETF???

    Okay guys, here is the deal. When i feed my frog crickets they burrow into the substrate. How else can i feed him? he is healthy, and i've had him since Wednesday and has pooped twice.... haha... but what can i do about the crickets?

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    Default Re: How to feed RETF???

    I would get a more compact substrate. What are you using right now?
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    Default Re: How to feed RETF???

    I'll give you the same advice as I did in another, very similar thread:

    To easily monitor how much they are eating, try adding a glass bowl. The crickets can not get out of it, so you can see if they have eaten or not. A full thread on the topic can be found here: You can also modify a good looking bowl to make it unclimable. I'm quoting my own post in the Valuabe advice-thread.

    1. Get yourself a good looking feeding dish (e.g. from Exo-Terra)
    2. Get yourself a plastic box
    (I used )
    3. Get a glue gun and a knife

    Just cut out enough plastic to cover the insides of the bowl with it. It needs to be approximately as high as the glass bowl needs to be (it works in the same way, the crickets can't climb the plastic either). Then just glue the plastic to the inside of the bowl (and be sure it's completly dried and ventilated before putting it back, if you have frogs in the terrarium while doing this), and tadaa! A nice looking, escape-proof feedish dish!

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