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Thread: Maybe I should just give up

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    Unhappy Maybe I should just give up

    Well I got a baby fantasy frog from a breeder 13 days ago. He was fine even though he was only eating a cricket here and there. I chalked it up to shipping and a new home because he was otherwise fine. I checked on him a few hours ago and he was fine but when I looked in on all the frogs he was on his back. I took him out and he was barely breathing and he died a few minutes later. His temps and humidity were fine so I don't know what happened. Everything I've read says that they may not be the best eaters at first but could this kill him? I have other pacmans but they are all much bigger and doing great. I'm just trying to learn from this experience especially since on of my white lipped frogs broke it's neck last week by jumping into the glass. If anyone has any thoughts that would be great. I'm seriously wondering if I'm doing something wrong and should just give up even though they are my babies I don't want them all dying! Thanks for any advice.
    1.0.3 Litoria caerulea "Fred", "Wilma", "Barney" and "Betty"
    Litoria infrafrenata "Kermit"
    1.0.0 Ceratophrys ornata "Cookie Monster"
    Hymenochirus boettgeri "Scooby" and "Shaggy"
    Ceratophrys ornata Hi red "Big Red"
    0.0.1 Ceratophrys cranwelli Apricot Albino - "Sweets"
    0.0.1 Pyxicephalus edulis "Belle"

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    I've actually been having the same problems with baby fantasy frogs, both one this year and one last year died for inexplicable reasons shortly after purchase.

    At this point, I'm starting to suspect there's something wrong with them, either just the most recent batches, or perhaps this hybrid is simply not as viable as it's marketed as being.

    I actually found this forum because it's one of the very few places you can find photos of adult fantasy frogs, which sets off alarm bells. Does anyone know what percentage of them actually survive until adulthood?

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    Fantasy frogs are a mix of the corunta(very hard to keep) and the Cranwelli(mostly). They are bred to look pretty and eat better than the full corunta(surinam) but like all children they can take after one parent or the other. They are also infertile, so no breeding a fantasy to a fantasy. This fact could have some unexpected effects on the rest of the frog. People never consider the genetics when breeding any animal, price is based on color, not health. The gene the controls hair also controls teeth, the gene the controls leg length controls the heart strength. it could have been a side-effect of breeding these infertile frogs for the sole basis of getting a prettier, more pricey frog.

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