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Thread: Fire belly toads and newts housed together?

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    Default Fire belly toads and newts housed together?

    I have heard a ton of different responses to this question, but really is it safe to house the two together? And do the newts ever come up on to land? If so, will they fight for land space with the toads? What do the fire belly newts eat, where could I buy them, and how much do they cost? I already have the toads, but I'm thinking about turning my 55g into their new home, and might add some newts. Fire belly newts or another kind, If I find one. Any suggestions on a type of newt that would work, with the toads? A lot of questions I know!

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    Default Re: Fire belly toads and newts housed together?

    Absolutely not safe. Scroll down to the examples on this page: Caudata Culture Articles - Species Mixing Disasters
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    Default Re: Fire belly toads and newts housed together?

    Wow, good thing I didn't that would have been a disaster! Thanks for the heads up.

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    Default Re: Fire belly toads and newts housed together?

    hey this is what I copy and paste when every I see anyone talking about this

    irst of all fire belly newt = fbn fire belly toad = fbt

    right first of all is the toxin issue every1 knows both of these species carry quite strong toxins and (before any1 says it) they aren’t the same toxin they are very different. Both species are hardy and dont tend to suffer too much from this toxin issue BUT recent anecdotal evidence there have been quite strong links to shortened lifespan when these 2 species are kept together. yes they can be kept together for years no problem but they probably wont reach there full life expectancy

    Next environment: fire belly newts like cool deep (6 inch minimum) water and only really require a smallish land area to bask and sometimes sleep.
    fire belly toad prefer slightly warmer water (while the lower temps are still in fbn tolerances it does only leave a small margin for error) and seem prefer shallow water 1-3 inches deep you will have to cater for both of these tastes and keep a very close eye on water levels

    Aggression. fbt's can be very aggressive to those not of the same species and its been know for them to bite off legs arms and bits of tails (and i know of one cases a head was eaten and sometimes a whole newt or toad will be eaten) also its not unheard of for fbn's to bite arms and legs of the toads

    food competition both species can be active feeders and will compete for food leading to stress and possible starvation of some of the animals

    stress. as with all mixing stress and be a big issue and needs to be carefully monitored

    water quality: both species are very messy and keeping a good water quality can be difficult

    please think hard before putting these animals together

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    Default Re: Fire belly toads and newts housed together?

    I've even seen my own fbt with another toads leg in its mouth, but I havenít had any missing ligament problems.

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