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Thread: Whites tree frog not being a tree frog

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    Default Whites tree frog not being a tree frog

    hey everybody, jasper my WTF always stays on the ground nover goes in plants unless iput him there but he usually goes back down. He eats and is actice just NEVER goes in the plants whats wrong!?!? He's been doing this for months

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    Default Re: Whites tree frog not being a tree frog

    Mine spend most of the time up on some cork round or perched on the Bromeliads. At night they spend much of the time looking for crickets so they are on the leaf liter or on the lower laying vines and driftwood.

    Since they are pretty weighty frogs, ensure the plants you provide up high are strong enough to hold them and provide many routes to climb to them such as branches.

    How is the humidity and temps in the mid to upper levels of the tank?
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    Default Re: Whites tree frog not being a tree frog

    the humidity is 60%

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    I'd say get some thick strong perches. And maybe make a couple "high" hides.

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