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    Well as of late my Fire Bellys have been SINGING their little hearts out!... But, then I read that these are mating calls... FBT's dont just sing when they want to mate do they? They can sing when ever they want? Or... and my FBT's guna get down and dirty? I have 4 of em... and If Ima have babys then I need to pull my Gold Fish out of the tank! So they dont eat the eggs!

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    During the warmer weather they just sing sing sing, mine are not in a suitable set up to breed in, but it doesn't stop them from making a noise. Male FBT are up for making a noise and trying to mate with anything at any time, even other males ...infact my two males spend more time singing and going into amplexus with each other more than they do the girl because se doesnt want to breed.

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    My toads sing during the summer a lot, day and night. And don't worry they most likely will not even lay eggs.

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