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Thread: My First Reptile Expo XD

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    Talking My First Reptile Expo XD

    So I hope im posting this in the right area !

    Sunday, Toronto Ont. Canada is holding a Reptile expo. only just over an hour away from me yay! With all luck and provideing weather is nice I will be takeing my 5yr old daughter to our first expo ! Very excited I am !

    Any suggestions or comments I would love to hear them... and does anyone know if exo terra sells terrariums at expos and are they cheaper? Sorry if thats a stupid question Im a noob at the expo thing. Not sure what to expect.

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    I went to this one when it was in Mississauga a year or so ago. There were piles upon piles of frogs (and snakes, and geckos, etc) to look at and buy. There was a big vendor with lots of exo-terra (or zoomed? or both? memory is foggy) and other vivarium stuff, but I don't think the tanks were any awesome deals. I wasn't really looking for tanks though.

    A few deals to be had on smaller accessories like thermometers though. There were cheap feeders available, and that's actually all I bought, some meal and wax worms for substantially cheaper than my local pet store. Not cheap enough to make up for the admission and the gas for the ride there, but it was definitely an interesting experience.

    There were a few other neat things, a vendor selling frog art, a snake they let people hold, and the people there selling and buying were interesting to look at too. Someone who made custom vivariums had a beautiful one on display complete with dart frogs. Be prepared to see lots of animals in small Tupperware containers, and snakes stored in racks. I'm not sure what I imagined before going there, but frogs in deli cups laid out on a table like a sandwich counter and a freezer filled with feeder mice wasn't it.

    Also, I remember it being very crowded. If I didn't have an aversion to crowded and hot rooms, and I wasn't antisocial there were tons of people to talk frogs to. The atmosphere might be fairly different in a different and more spacious venue.

    The only other expo I've been to is the St. Jacobs Reptile Expo It was a little disappointing for me though- most of the animals were geckos. I think only one person had a few firebellied toads.It was much smaller than the one you'll be going to though.

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    Talking Re: My First Reptile Expo XD

    i'll be going to my first expo on August 13th. The portland metro reptile expo in Wilsonville. I'm so excited! I plan on getting my pacman there, but I was hoping I'd find an older one. Everyone wants the babies, so they'll be well off(I'm being optimistic). I hope I can get a great deal on baby crickets too. Are waxworms okay for regular feeding to pacman? I think they're fatty, but I can't remember for sure.
    Have fun at yours^^

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    Thank-you Im very excited I Don't plan on buying any froggies but it will still be neat and my daughter should like it.

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    just wait till you go! you will be pretty tempted to buy something My first expo, i ended up buying to Red Eye Tree Frogs. and I'm glad i did!

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