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Thread: What am I doing wrong? FF's

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    Default What am I doing wrong? FF's

    I have had multiple (10) cultures crash on me since I've started. It seems like the heat does them in. what is the top temp for them?

    And can I put fresh flies in the cultures that were made a day or two before they died off?

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    poison beauties

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    They will crash easy in the 80's, if they dont they will cause sterility in the FF. Try and keep them in the 65-75 range for a good outcome. This also depends on your media as well as the light in the room and the humidity.


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    Default Re: What am I doing wrong? FF's

    That's most likely the problem then. We had a few days in the 90's last week. And a few weeks back last time they crashed.

    Theyre not very well lit either. Theyre on their own rack on the wall across from from the windows.

    What can I do to cool them? Could I use a fan?

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    poison beauties

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    You can cool them with a fan but it will kill the humidity and dry the cultures early. Lighting isnt an issue unless your trying to promote the buildup of carotene in them for vitA production. Many keep their FF in the dark as they do normally produce a little better.

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    Default Re: What am I doing wrong? FF's

    Ok. I keep them on a plastic bread rack you would see at a grocery store. I have been thinking of pouting it in the closet. I may try that.

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    Default Re: What am I doing wrong? FF's

    Also depends on the species - hydei do better at higher temps than melanogaster. In high summer I find the melanogaster dont do as well because of the heat. You shouldnt be using external heat sources - flies will breed quite happily at room temperatures
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    Default Re: What am I doing wrong? FF's

    Also sounds like you just need to keep the room cooler. The frogs shouldn't be kept in the 90s either.

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