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Thread: White's Tree Frog weird behaviour

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    Default White's Tree Frog weird behaviour

    Hi, I recently got 2 baby frogs from a friend about 2 months ago. They are about 3cm length now.
    Recently I noticed that they are less inclined to climb the walls of their terrarium. And last night I noticed that the blue one is moving weirdly. I do not know whether it is my paranoia or not. It doesn't jump, but more like crawling. The underside of the legs are reddish, but I'm not sure if it is any more than normal. I'm worried though. There is no swelling of the limps or bloating of the abdomen or cloudy eyes. In fact, it looks like a normal frog. I've tried placing it on the wall, but it seems like its reluctant to stick to the wall and will fall off.
    They have always been fed with mealworms that have been gutloaded with calcium rich foods.
    Do you think that there is anything I should be worried about especially with its movement and the way it can't or refuses (not sure which) to the wall? Thanks

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    Default Re: White's Tree Frog weird behaviour

    Have they been fed exclusively on mealwoms? If so that may be a problem. Mealworms are high in chitin (all beetles are) and chitin is known to cause gastrointestinal impactions if the animal is fed exclusively on mealworms, beetles, and their larva.

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    Default Re: White's Tree Frog weird behaviour

    They were fed on fuit flies when they were babies. Now they are exclusively on mealworms. I usually select freshly moulted mealworms to prevent the chitin problem. I have not started them on crickets yet as I'm quite unable to find any in a small suitable size for them. The one adult I have is on crickets as well as some fish sometimes.
    I've been doing some reading, and I think it has MBD? The mealworms are always gutloaded, but I do not dust them with supplements. The weird movements and the reluctance or inablilty (not sure which) to climb is suspicious. However, I really don't know how I can rule out red leg, cos as I said, the underside of the legs and belly are slightly reddish, but I don't know if it is normal as it is only slight.
    I have no idea about its appetite as it was housed with another white's baby from the same spawn and the food always finishes. I do believe that their combined food intake has reduced though, although it corresponded with me feeding larger mealworms that constantly escaped and now using a new container that prevents escapes.

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    Default Re: White's Tree Frog weird behaviour

    Frogs with hypocalcemia are reluctant to climb. The fact you have been feeding mealworms that haven't been dusted, says to me that hypocalcemia may be the problem. An x-ray will say for sure. A vet needs to be seen in this case.

    I don't think slightly reddish underside would indicate red-leg, espcially if conditions are sanitary. I think your problem is most likely hypocalcemia. You will need a powdered calcium (preferabably with vitamin D3), an oral syringe, and water. Make a slurry with the calcium and water. Administer it with the syringe, which your vet should be able to supply.

    Switch over to crickets (or other insects) which can be dusted. Mail order them if you have to.

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    Default Re: White's Tree Frog weird behaviour

    Although I feel I may be paranoid, but I think I better err on the side of caution. I don't dust the insects cos 1. I feed them high calcium food, and 2. I leave insects inside a bowl in the cage, and all mineral and vitamin dustings always fall off the insects before comsumption. The mealworms are gutloaded at least 24-48 hrs before feeding. But then again, it may not be enough. My adult is handfed with dusted insects so that I make sure it is eaten.
    If the frog is not any better today, I will consider an xray. I am actually a vet, but there are no amphibian specialist vets here, so I make do with my scant knowledge. I have checked all long bones for pathological fractures, but there are none. I will start it on a liquid calcium supplement, but do you have any idea how much should be given?
    Thank you

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