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    Yesterday afternoon my little American Bullfrog Jeremiah escaped while I was cleaning his tank! Talk about a scare! I spend all afternoon and night looking for him and didn't find him until almost midnight... The poor thing was so dry. I was kicking myself for letting him escape because he didn't look like he wold survive the night. I'll admit I even shed a few tears... But this morning he looks like he's going to make it! He's still a little weak I think but he is recovering and that's the best I could hope for.

    For anyone else who ever loses a frog just remember not to give up. I almost did but kept going just long enough to save my little guy.

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    Ahhh That is so scary!!! I woke up this morning to one of my tree frogs ON TOP of the tank. Luckily none of the others escaped and that one was safe, no searching to do, but that alone terrified me, thinking about what could have happened!
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    I'm glad you found him!!

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    Thanks! It's definately something I never want to deal with again so I will be extra careful from now on...

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    I'm so glad you found him and he's ok!

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    Glad you found him! we had Timerick (AKA Frogzilla) escape. She's the most aggressive of 3 Bullfrogs. It took about 2 hours to find her, but she recovered just fine. I now keep a tub of frog safe water on the floor under the table where her tank is just in case. Bullfrogs are exceedingly strong!

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