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Thread: Need help with bullfrog tadpoles

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    clintosaurus rex

    Default Need help with bullfrog tadpoles

    Two of my bullfrogs have bubbly growth on their mouths, one more severly than the other. It doesn't seem to be a problem since one has had it for a month, but the other guy got it recently, and he is closer to metamorphosis! Please help.
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    clintosaurus rex

    Default Re: Need help with bullfrog tadpoles

    Please hurry! I don't want to lose my biggest tadpoles! The one had it since it was brought to us in the mail, about a month ago. They are active and eating fine, but am not sure if it affects feeding or metamorphosis. Please someone hurry! If you need more info, just ask.

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    clintosaurus rex

    Arrow Re: Need help with bullfrog tadpoles

    I also have one more question. Tiny, tiny white worms are on my tadpoles! These things must be a millimeter or less. At first I thought it was fungus, but how do I get rid of them? Better yet, are they harmful? I quarantined one of them and the worms seem to have went away. The temperature is between 20 and 23 degress Celsius (low 70 degress Farenheit), ph is 7.4, maybe higher, as thats as high as my ph test kit gets, the water I give them has NO CHLORINE OR CHLOROMINE and is filtered, and I clean their water and live plants once a week, sometimes more. I also feed them at least once a day, and are usually hungry after being feed, so I don't overfeed. Please help!

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    Iratus ranunculus

    Default Re: Need help with bullfrog tadpoles

    The bubbles you see are naturally part of the mouths. You just noticed them now. The worms you see are probably just free-living nematodes. I would not worry about them unless the activity of the tadpoles changes. If you feel like you absolutely have to get rid of them, a low concentration of methylene blue (like what you would use in a fish tank to get rid of fungus) will work very well. Use a third to half the dose recommended for fish tanks, but remove any plants prior to use.

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    clintosaurus rex

    Default Re: Need help with bullfrog tadpoles

    Thanks, you rock! I always wondered what that stuff on the mouth was. I thought maybe it was a genetic mutation or bacteria between skin layers, and I will definitly get rid of those worms. The poor tadpoles are just beriddled with them! Now I can finally relax

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