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    I've had a gray tree frog for almost a week, and he wasn't eaten anything. He was caught wild so is he just adjusting to his new surroundings?
    I offer small crickets and small meal worms and nothing yet.

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    Default Re: Refusing to eat

    Hi . Yes your frog will be adjusting to his/her new surroundings. Just give it time. Make sure you have plenty of hiding places in your enclosure and your frog will feel more safe & secure. If you haven't already, check out the Gray tree frog care article to make sure you have all his/her requirements. Gray Tree Frogs

    Can you please select your location in your profile as it will help us to help you. Thanks

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    Default Re: Refusing to eat

    Could it be that the crickets are too small? My biggest gray tree frog totally ignores any small crickets that make their way past her. You should post a picture of your vivarium too, let us know the temp and humidity, all that can help a lot.
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    I have had the same trouble with my American toad. She is the smallest of three and she just won't eat. I have had her for quite some time and I think she is ill. All three that I have were found on my back porch so they are wild also.

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    How big is your gray tree frog? Worms aren't their natural diet. You might be better off with crickets that are about the size of the space between your frogs eyes or flies or moths.

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