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Thread: Odd Behavior in a WTF

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    Hannah Wilbanks

    Default Odd Behavior in a WTF

    My WTF has recently started trying to burrow. We had to move the water bowl back away from the wall because he had shoved himself head first in between it and the wall. He has never done this before. The temp in his cage stays at around 75-80 degrees. (Depending on where in the tank he is) and the humidity gage stays at a constant 60%, maybe a little more. He is still eating well, and climbs around his cage. Any suggestions? Has anyone ever seen this behavior before? I also just noticed him rubbing his nose in the corners of the cage.

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    Default Re: Odd Behavior in a WTF

    Sorry, not a clue.

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    Hannah Wilbanks

    Default Re: Odd Behavior in a WTF

    Thanks anyway. He has calmed down for now, and is resting on his branch. Maybe it is just a phase, he just shed so....

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    Default Re: Odd Behavior in a WTF

    How old is he and how long have you had him? The first week I had my 1st whites (dumper), he used to hide in between rocks and his water dish. He had dug the rocks out to sit under the lip of the dish. This only lasted a few days, he hasn't done this since.

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    Hannah Wilbanks

    Default Re: Odd Behavior in a WTF

    I have had him almost three months. He is around three and a half to four inches, so my guess is he is full grown. He hasn't done this before, just in the last few days. Just curious if it is normal.

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    Default Re: Odd Behavior in a WTF

    Possible reasons I can see for burrowing: low humidity, lack of hiding spaces/exposure of all walls of the tank so the frog feels insecure, or heat stress.
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