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Thread: Is my White's Tree Frog Sick?? Help!

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    Exclamation Is my White's Tree Frog Sick?? Help!

    We have had a couple of Whites Tree Frogs for about 3 months and they have been doing great, getting big and fat! But, earlier in the week I noticed one looks like it was shedding. But now he still looks that way and is not his hoppy self. He seems to be losing weight, not eating, his skin is dry looking, his eyes seem to be cloudy and he is breathing like he has a cold.
    I change out the water every other day and keep the enclosure clean by cleaning out droppings every couple of days and a full enclosure change each month. I have a layer of "dirt" with a layer of peat moss on top of that in a 30 gallon tank. I have them on a 12hr light cycle, and give them gut loaded crickets.
    Not sure what is going on. Should I take him to the vet or is this just a shed?
    I posted pictures of him, as well.
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    Default Re: Is my White's Tree Frog Sick?? Help!

    From what I have read, cloudy eyes can be a sign of an infection, in combination with the other symptoms, that seems likely. I would take him to an amphibian savvy vet as soon as you can to get some treatment, and put him in a nice clean "hospital tank" away from your other frog.
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    Default Re: Is my White's Tree Frog Sick?? Help!

    I would separate him from the other frog asap and get him to an amphibian vet. In that first photo especially, it looks like he's got some sort of bacterial infection starting on his legs? Could be caused from pathogens in the dirt in their cage. I'm no expert but his symptoms don't sound normal. I hope he gets better soon

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