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    Default Culturing Isopods

    Okay, I've got some baby D. Ventrimaculatus (FG). They are two months out of the water and they are very small. I already have the tank very well seeded with springtails and would like to include some isopods. What type do you recommend for baby thumbnails? I would like to add as much variety to their diet as I can. I put in the dropsophilia melanogaster fruit flies but I don't think I've actually seen the frogs eat them. I could be wront though. I've got an icky growing piece of bannana in there which is now home to many crawling things. Ewww....

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    They will eat the flies. Doubt they will eat Iso just yet dwarf white would be a good choice

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    Default Re: Culturing Isopods

    They eat some of the very juvenile dwarf whites but best stick to springs and flies.
    If you think the flies are too big you can always set up a few fly cultures with only small amounts of medium to get stunted flies which they may take more readily
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