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Thread: Plants and soil for whites tree frogs

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    Default Plants and soil for whites tree frogs

    I am wondering what is the best plants and soil for the whites tree frog. Because we are about to start a rebuild of his entire habitat that will put him in a bigger terrerium and possibly with a buddy.

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    Default Re: Plants and soil for whites tree frogs

    Hi there, I believe I spoke to you about your White's before.

    The best soil to use by far is anything with Coco fiber in it. Exo Terra's plantation soil, T-Rex Jungle Bed, and Eco Earth are just a few you could look at. I have used all of these soils with no problem.

    As for plants, you'll want species with big thick strong leaves, as White's can be quite heavy and may have hard time navigating plant's leaves if they are lighter than the frog itself. Two plants I love for these frogs are Snake Plants and Bromeliads, these both had stiff strong leaves and grow quite large, which is good because White's are quite big for tree frogs. Some others to think about would be the Zebra plant, I just picked one up for my new build for my White's and it is perfect. Big strong, thick leaves and thick foliage so they can hang out or hide if they like.

    Hope this has helped. O:
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    Default Re: Plants and soil for whites tree frogs

    Yes you helped me when I first came here. I have the exp terra soil now but wasn't sure if when planting it would still be good. Thanks for the heads up on the plants. I will look into getting them. Right now his humidity and temp stay with in range with plastic plants but everyone here says that live plants are better at it, plus it helps with clean up and makes happier frogs so I am all for trying it. I do have a black thumb in regards to plants though so I hope I can do this.

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