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Thread: 1st Pacman Frog Tomorrow ~ ANY ADVICE~

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    Default 1st Pacman Frog Tomorrow ~ ANY ADVICE~ getting my 1st ever pacman frog tomorrow afternoon and I have been watching some youtube videos on care for pacman frogs.

    They really dont go into to much detail about them. Honestly its like a bunch of mumbling.

    So I searched for a forum and here I am. What are some of the biggest and most important things that I must take into consideration.

    For example,
    Which bedding should I use?
    How often should I feed them?
    Best way to keep the terrarium humidity up?
    Live plants or fake plants?
    and whatever else you can tell me!!!


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    Default Re: 1st Pacman Frog Tomorrow ~ ANY ADVICE~

    For a starter set up, you will need a 10gallon aquarium, coco nut fiber substrate, under tank heating pad labeled 10gallon, large shallow water dish, a glass top,a stick on back ground, thermometer and humidity gauge, a tall fake plant that doesn't bush out until at least 6" up, 24 large crickets per week and any thing live you can buy at a pet store that is slightly smaller than frog, calcium dust. note that a 10gallon tank will not suit your frog for life. Only until its like 3" long. you will then need to buy a 20gallon aquarium, glass top, and heating pad. Substrate needs to be 3 to 4" deep. It also needs to stay wet and look like a dark chocolate cake from the side of the cage (not sloppy or muddy like a swamp). The water dish should be placed like an in-ground pool on the cold side, but make sure there is plenty of room for him to burrow down on the cold side so he can cool off if he wants. The glass top will be very important. It is the key to keeping the correct temp and humidity. You will probably need to slide the glass back to create a small space at the top. The smaller the space, the more heat and humidity will be obtained. the temp should stay above 75F and 85f. humidity above 80%. The back ground is not required, but it helps to make the frog feel secure. the plant is a little more useful though. It need to be tall because you pac likes to sit under plants not on them. I don't use any loose moss because when the frog eats it eats its prey and what ever is behind it. the loose moss will cause obstruction in the digestive system, killing him. Same goes for any substrate beside coco fiber substrate. You will need to offer as much food as your frog will eat at a time. You should start with placing 6 crickets in a plastic bag that has calcium dust in it. roll up the bag until you have an air space that they are hopping in. shake the bag gently making sure they become white. place them in the tank with your frog. After 1 hour remove all the uneaten crickets because they will start to nibble on the frog, or add more if there all gone. You can also feed him other small insects sold at the pet store.(calcium) When your frog becomes the size of a ping pong ball, he is ready for baby mice aka pinkies. frogs that aren't fed mice are usually smaller and weaker. don't buy into people saying you shouldn't feed your frog evey day. feed him until he says i'm done. Wash your hands before handleing your frog. there skin soaks up anything it come into contact with. i wouldn't touche him for a few days, just to let him get settled in. he will prolly bite your fingers for the first week so don't stress him out.

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    Default Re: 1st Pacman Frog Tomorrow ~ ANY ADVICE~

    I forgot, don't use a heat lamp. It WILL cook your frog. The lights in the room are enough light to make froggy happy! Though he'll prolly just stay burrowed during most of the day.

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