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Thread: Advice wanted: Pacman Frog Newbie!

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    Fainting Goat

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    I just purchased my first Pacman Frog about a week ago. It's a small young pacman. I've read up on them as much as I can, but still it seems as if there are so many opinions as to how to set up their aquarium. I have my pacman frog set up in a 10 gallon aquarium, I've been keeping the temperature at about 78-84 degrees. I keep the humidity at 80%. The substrate is coconut husk for him to burrow into. I don't see him go to his water dish often, I have it on the opposite side of the aquarium from where the heater is. Should I have it sitting on the warm side or cooler side or does it matter? I ask, because he burrowed himself for a few days and I dug him up and he was dry looking and his eyes would not open all the way. So I placed him in his water dish and he pulled the coating off that he had put over himself off and ate it, and looks much better and much more alert. I'm just wondering why he didn't go to his water on his own, maybe I have it in the wrong spot?

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    Your set up is almost perfect! The water dish should stay where it is because it will quickly evaperate if its on the heated side. Your pac does not use his dish because they they rarely ever do. The only time that my frogs have ever used a dish is when they are babies and happen to go through it while crossing to the other side of the tank. I still use a water dish, but sense they don't use it, I have a glass top on the tanks. I leave a 4mm space at the top for air and so that the humidity doesn't get over 100%. I keep them in coconut substrate that is 4" deep for the young ones. The substrate needs to be wet, but not like sloppy mud. When you mix in the water with your hands, there shouldn't be any dry substrate left. I t should be fairly moiste like a cake, and should also have your hands covered with clumps when your done. This will ensure that your frog never dries out and un able to open his eyes. you will need to check the dampness of the substrate at least once a week to make sure its not to dry. If your frog comes out often and the glass walls and top have condensation, then you have it right! Be sure you cover his food with calcium dust. hope i've beem helpful.

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    Fainting Goat

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    Oh okay, that is where I have been going wrong. I was not keeping the substrate moist at all. Mine was mostly dry with a little moisture on the surface of the substrate. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it!!!

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    You're welcome! I don't know if they're not smart enough to get in the dish, don't like it, or if their instincts tell them they could drown. They always seem to get more than enough water to pee all over the floor when I get them out to change their substrate. Oh yeah, you will need to remove any droppings that are left. It will cause a bad Oder followed by mold. I also usually have one or two rather small fake plants placed in the center of the tank. This is definitely not required, but they see to like them. Something tall that doesn't bush out at the bottom so they can sit under it instead of on it.

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    Mine loves his bromeliad (I totally can't spell that plant). He sits under it when he wants to hide, and it helps keep the air quality nice.

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