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Thread: What kind of bulb can I use at night?

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    Default What kind of bulb can I use at night?

    I have a whites tree frog. And I was wondering what kind of light I could use to view him at night. I've narrowed it downtown either a blue or red bulb from exo terra. Any ideas which is better? Thanks!

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    Default Re: What kind of bulb can I use at night?

    My WTF's did not like the red. I find the night glow really dark. I can't see anything. I use it as a heater mainly. I want to try the tube shaped ones, or another brand to see if its better Comercial black lights are to bright and weird, don't waste money on them. The red, I could see with the red, but they wouldn't come out till midnight when I shut it off. Bit they were used to the night glow already. You could try the red for a couple days, see if they even come out.

    Some peple are going with blue LED's but you have to order off the net.

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    Default Re: What kind of bulb can I use at night?

    I use night glows and both of my long-term tanks to great success. My White's doesn't seem to notice it at all, in fact after I started using it I realized he became more active. I also have Tiger Legs under the same bulb and it provides just enough light for me to see them moving around, but not enough to hinder their activity, at least in my case.

    I use a red bulb on my temp tanks and my frogs seem not to mind it, but they are young and rambunctious. The red bulb is a pretty deep red and casts that color all over your tank, so if you're looking to actually see the frogs in better color at night, I would go with the moon glow.
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