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Thread: New pacman frog owner

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    Question New pacman frog owner

    I recently got a pacman frog who was not being taken care of at all by the previous owner. I am actually really suprised he is still alive. I wasn't prepared to take him but when I had a chance to help him get out of his conditions he was in I had to help him. I have him in a 10 gallon tank right now but I am planning on fixing up my 55 gallon for him. That's where my questions start. I was also looking to get a couple dart frogs. I was wondering if I could divide that tank in half and it be enough room for them. I was planning on making a fake background with a slow moving waterfall going into a pool for the pacman and maybe a small running "creek" or maybe another waterfall for the darts. Also I've read a lot about how moss is bad but I wondered if that just meant the loose moss or if live moss was ok. I understand why the loose stuff is bad but live moss would be short and flat on the ground so he wouldn't be able to eat it. Sorry for the long post but I wanna make sure this guy is happy and healthy. Thanks for any help and im sure I'll have more questions

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    Default Re: New pacman frog owner

    Hi there nekomeh and welcome to the forum . Its great to have you.

    That's so great you took the poor Pacman in and that he is doing well. You have a big heart.
    Im sorry I have no experience with the Pacman frog but there are many members who can help you. Could I also please ask you to add your Location in your profile as it helps us to help you. Thanks.

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    Default Re: New pacman frog owner

    Anyone? I would like to get some peoples input before I start making the new tank

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    A 10 gallon tank is more than enough for a full grown pacman frog, some large females may do better off in a 15 though. I know when dealing with reptiles, in many cases waterfalls can create bacteria growth (something to keep in mind). Also the main concern with moss is that if your frog accidently eats some it may cause internal backups and impaction.

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    I figured flowing water would help to keep bacteria and such down since its not just stagnant water. I know the deal about the impaction with moss but I was wondering if that still applied to live moss since it is attached to the ground is isn't just bunched up in a pile. Since live moss would be so short and attached to the ground I didn't figure he would be able to get that into his mouth. Would that be true or am I just missing something lol.

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    Ive never dealt with live moss but Im assuming it'd be ok to use

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    Ok thanks. That's what I was thinking but I just wanted to make sure. I might not end up using it but I was curious. I think instead of splitting the tank, im just going to get him a 20 gallon for himself. I know he don't HAVE to have that much but I would like to give him a little extra room. Plus that will let me put some more things in there to make it look nicer for me as well lol. Thanks for the help and any other comments or tips would be greatly appreciated

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    No problem

    and hey more room the better i guess

    all i know is i keep my frog in a ten gallon and he never moves from the one corner...ever!!! ha

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