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    So, I have a hammock in the top of my viv, and my WTF loves to sit on it, under the vines I have laying on the hammock.
    Tonight I went to put some crickets in the glass bowl at the bottom of the terrarium, and I put in about 6 small-med crickets.
    Well, he couldn't see them (his back was turned), but after a while he heard them or something and turned around.
    For about an hour he has been on the hammock, staring intently at the glass bowl with the crickets in it, hasnt moved or anything.
    This morning he had a mealworm, and it only took him about 3 seconds of me dangling it in front of him to attack it.
    So basically, the question is;
    Is it normal for them to just look at their food? If he doesnt go for it right away is that a problem?

    Im probably paranoid, but I wanted to check.
    Also, should I put a branch for him to climd to and from the hammock? Right now he climbs the glass and gets up, but should I put a direct path for it?

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    Could be the glass is confusing him. If you haven't done this before. That's my only guess. If the glass isn't burried to it's neck, they don't know how to approach.

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    Default Re: A vivarium question

    I agree with Ginger. The same exact thing happened to me when I tried the glass bowl on my adult White's.

    I buried the bowl up to the rim and let the crickets just sort of dance around in the bottom of it. I even tilted the thing so he could see directly into it (he has bad eyes), and for the longest time he just sat and stared at it. When he finally did attack, he missed and the crickets escaped everywhere because he tilted the bowl and kind of launched them out. That's the first and last time I tried the glass bowl on him. XD;

    Even when I feed my guys nowadays, all of them (I have one adult, one juvie, and two babies) just stare intently for the longest time until the cricket goes right up to them, THEN they attack it. My adult had been doing this since I first got him, and when my juvie was a baby he would actually hunt them down, but now that he's older he'll just sit there (mostly) and wait for the food to come to him.

    I think it's pretty normal. XD;

    I would try to add a more direct route to the hammock. Do you have a picture of the enclosure you can post so we know what it looks like?
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