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Thread: Whats Going on?? :(

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    Unhappy Whats Going on?? :(

    Hello there! I have turned to the frog forum to help
    Answer some of my questions. I have recently redone my fire belly toad habitat. I have made three forums, only one of which was answered (thanks Kurt ) so I decided to maybe try a new one. I am a little impatient and antsy about one of my concerns. When I was cleaning out the tank and picked up the female firebelly paddy she seemed bloated. I've seen her and the male paddington mating before, so could it be possible she is pregnant? Or is this a sign of illness? I really dont know what's going on... Also, a question about feeding, should I be dusting their crickets with some type of supplement??? Is crickets okay for a staple diet? Thank you for
    Any suggestions. I really need answers so anyone even has an idea please post it



    P.S. If a picture of her would help, I could post one

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    Post the picture first so people can assess. If pregnant well read the care sheet on this site to make sure your enclosure has appropriate space egg laying. If bloated, impaction or an infection might be the culprit. What do you feed the toads? Persistent bloating likely requires a vet visit.

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    Default Re: Whats Going on?? :(

    Okay. Will do rocko. Well mainly I feed them crickets. I am out of town so I
    Will definitely post the picture ASAP. thank you very much.

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    Firebelly love

    Default Re: Whats Going on?? :(

    Crickets are great for a staple, but mealworms, waxworms, and even earthworms will do fine as well. I feed my babies mealwoms that I dust with Reptivite wich you can find at any local petstore (got mine at petco for about 6$.) If you ask someone working there they will recomend which is best for firebellys.

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