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Thread: Sick fire belly toad

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    Unhappy Sick fire belly toad

    my grandson has two fb toads. One of them has been sort of staying in the water hugging the glass of the tank, just hanging there head out of water and had grown skinny as a threat. I also noticed some whispy whitish veil stuff coming out his rear end at times. They got him to eat I guess a cricket a few days ago but really, he is not doing well. It is too hard just watching this. First off, I think their water temp is too cold. I guess air temp should be in the 70's anyway but that being said, the water is really cool. Anyone have any ideas, seen anything like this? Is he better under a warm light out of the water and left in the water? Seems if they take him out he goes back in anyway. : ( Thanks, Dot

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    Hi Dot, sorry you haven't received a reply yet. I don't have an answer to help you but I'm sure someone here will.
    If you post some pictures of the frog and the tank, and try to provide some more info such as is the water treated, on a filter, and water temp, someone may have a better answer.

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    Frogs tend to stay in the water for comfort when they are sick. My first thought if he has loose, white, watery stools is that he has a parasite infection.

    The Frog First Aid article by Paul Rust has treating info:

    "Listless, often found in water or hiding, watery droppings.
    Parasites in intestines, “Protozoa”
    Parasites are always present in the intestines, but they will cause problems when the animal is weak. Treat with METRONIDAZOLE (FLAGYL)
    1 drop in 8 drops of tepid water. Place one drop on the back of frog. Duration: Each day for 6 days. Treatment for the vivarium: 1ml per 5 liters of water; use this to spray the vivarium."

    I would seperate him from the others (quarantine) and also treat him with a tepid water and honey solution, which will soothe and help rehydrate him. You can also read about this in the article listed on the left site navigation bar.

    I hope he starts feeling better. Keep us updated on how he is doing. One of the experts can pipe in and correct me if I'm wrong. But it wouldn't hurt him to try this treatment. Or if you feel he is getting worse, then take him to a vet.

    Wishing you well.


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    Default Re: Sick fire belly toad

    Thanks Lesley, You are kind to reply and try to help. I am forwarding this info and the group on to my grandson and his dad. I hope the will get some good ideas here and try to help this little guy. They have had him a few years now and sure would like him well........Dot

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    Default Re: Sick fire belly toad

    You could take the frog to Greg Mertz DVM at the NE Wildlife Center in South Weymouth, but if it is as thin as you say, it may already be to late.

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