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Thread: Feeding schedule?

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    i just aquired a pacman this week and he/she is the first toad ive had, as the rest of my frogs are tree frogs. Now thw problem i'm having is his eating habits, the day i got him he ate a very big cricket and i havent seen him eat a thing since. i put him in a small tank and dropped in a few crickets but he didnt seem the least bit interested. So any ideas what up with him. any info will be greatly appreciated.

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    well iam currently trying to feed him and still he appears to have no interest in the crickets....i really wanna try some night crawlers but just dont have the money to go get them at the moment...i have an abundance of crickets.

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    Stop stressing the frog out its a baby its not going to eat everyday wait until it poops. Dont force the frog to eat!unless he hasnt in over a week

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    When I first got my pacman frog, I broke the rules by sticking a small amount of the orange cube cricket food in the corner, and just left the crickets in there so he could eat when he was hungry. That seemed to work out well for mine - I'd go look at his cage and see crickets disappear randomly. After a couple rounds of that, he got used to me feeding him.

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