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    We have established a few social groups, I manage Anura Arborea, how come no body is using them?

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    Good question.
    Watching FrogTV because it is better when someone else has to maintain the enclosure!

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    A couple reasons come to mind:

    1 - the social groups are not present anywhere on the homepage, only in the menus.

    2 - the groups don't seem to offer any special features that the forums don't already have.

    3 - Userbase: there are hundreds of users, but only a small group that are active on a daily/weekly basis.

    4 -my reason: I don't use email alerts, I check the forums daily but forget the social groups are even there.

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    For me, I'm not exactly sure what I am doing. I started a group, but besides adding pictures to it, I don't know what else to do that hasn't already been discussed in the general Forum. I'm always open to suggestions and I will work on putting some pics into my group in the next couple of days.

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    I thought it would be cool to have a frog photography group with tips and tricks, etc...

    Another cool group would be a DIY group with tutorials, supplies,discussions... I can see Johnny heading that up.

    I think the groups need to offer something not found in the forums.

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    Great idea Chris, and you should head the Frog Photography group.

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