Yesterday night, the tempreture got colder than the wheather predicted. It got cold at my house and, unfortunately, my pacman doesn't have a heater in its tank. My thermometer only goes down to 70*F, so I don't know how cold it got last night.

Is my pacman going to slip into hibernation? I really want it to stay alert. Are there obvious symtoms of the start of hibernation? My pacman just started burrowing yesterday, and is in its burrow in eco-earth substrate right now. I accidently disturbed my pacman this morning and it went back into its burrow.

The temp is at about 75-80 right now. I don't have an UTH, so it is a good sign that my pacman went back into its burrow, right? They dig to stay cool?

I will not feed it for the next few hours. I want my pacman to be able to properly digest its food. I may not feed it at all today, since it really didn't seem all that interested in food yesterday. It only ate 1 hand-fed cricket, and 1 hand-fed mealworm.

My pacman almost has a white-ish color near its head, I think it is getting slightly duller in color: is this signs that it will shed soon? I am wondering if that would make it more vulnerable to hibernation, if that makes any sense.

What should I be expecting from my pacman frog?