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Thread: General tadpole care?

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    Default General tadpole care?

    Can someone give me some tips on general tadpole care. My daughter brought 5 home from school the other day and her teacher decided to make a project of it. Fun for us, but I bet some parents are cussing her. LOL There were 4 small tads and one larger tads. I separated them out into 3 different containers, with the large tad by itself. He's double the size of the others. No idea what these guys are and they are TINY. So, what is some general tad care? So far they are in the water they collected them from. I broke up some oak leaves for cover, and dropped in a tiny bit of fish food. What else?

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    That pretty much covers it. Do you have any filteration? Tadpoles can be messy, and you don't want them sitting in stagnant water. Partial water changes might be needed if you don't. I fed my tads a combination of fish flakes and algae wafers. The latter was a big it, and it was fun watching them suck on the disks....then again, I don't get out much either.... When their legs start emerging, they may slow down on food and I noticed with mine, when all 4 legs were present, they stopped eating altogether until they came out of the water and completely absorbed their tail. Have fun!

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