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Thread: Earthworms in vivs

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    Default Earthworms in vivs

    Ok guys I made the mistake of asking the question at John's Viv built article where he actually asked me to start a new thread, so here it is.

    We see that most people have included Sringtails in their vivs and that people say vivs are a self sustaining, almost natural system, thus,
    1. Why not include earthworms as well?
    a. Do they pose some threat / danger to the frogs in some or another way?
    b. Would they perhaps damage the plants?
    c. Would smaller worms not be eaten by the frogs as I'm sure they do eat worms in the wild?
    d. I have read that ants may be the factor to re-introduce the poison in the frogs' skins, surely earthworms would not do the same?
    e. Or would earthworms make live so much harder for the Springtails as they feed on more or less the same things; detritus and dead plant material.

    I'll leave it to the experts to clarify this.

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    I have some worms in my enclosure as I don't have springtails I also have ants in the enclosure (I don't know why I didn't introduce them) and everything seems to be going fine so I don't see a problem with worms or ants.

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    Default Re: Earthworms in vivs

    all I've read about worms is that red wigglers bread way better than nighcrawlers

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    Default Re: Earthworms in vivs

    I'm curious as well. I have yet to add anything to my vivs, and I think this is a good topic.

    I heard spring tails go out of control with being at first and I don't know or want them to effect my frogs.

    I would like to know about the pill bugs too.

    and what would be best to add to already establishes vivs.

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    Guys and gals,
    I have looked at my backyards compost heap to see springtails for real - never even knew they existed before joining FF. So, I've ssen them and sat watching the dirt a while (LOL, must be this FF making me lose my mind!) anyhow, so yeah, there I sat watching.
    After a while I wondered why there aren't so many springtails in there as what I have seen in some of the vivs?
    My conclusion; earthworms must surely eat the springtail eggs / babies. If not them, something else as for every animal there is a predator, for all accept for man. But then again, we do a pretty good job of destroying ourselves.
    Maybe someone clever will know better? Thus I have decided on definitely adding a few earthworms to my vivs once I get them!

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    I have had red worms in my viv for almost a year. It started with a few getting loose from the frogs at feeding time!
    I have all live plants in my viv and they have never hurt anything. They actually are helpful and aeriate the soil and help with the natural environment. So no worries!


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