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    Default Broken glass

    Is it safe to silicone cracked glass on a viv, or should I just dump it? It's on the top pane.. not as likely the frogs will go there but not impossible either.

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    silicone it!! For sure, just wait 48 hours before getting anyone in there.

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    The best option is to silicone a piece of glass over the cracked area to act as a patch, just running a bead of silicone down the crack won't do much.

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    I have an oceanic terrarium (1990's) buy time ito got the top in the house my son broke it. Like into 15 pieces, especially the corners where theres turn locks. I used GE2 and it's held up. But when I used a dome light on it, it cracked more. So that crack may grow with more heat on it. If you're using one hike it up atleast 4 or 5 inches. The florecsent has no effect.

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    Originally it was only a small flake chipped off from the outside edge, but when I put the heat lamp on top it decided to crack all the way across. Thanks for info I'll patch it and see what happens.

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