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    Well I just remember I saw the chubby frog I was caring for at my pet store. And my co-worker was a jerk. Just to tick me off and try to make herself seem like shes not a idiot like she trully is....She put the male chubby frog which I had sex and said it was a female. Secondly she replaced the soil with repti-bark. .___. i specifically warned her its going to harm the amphibian. She never cared. and I quote "oh shell be fine" Not that shes a mature person but yeah. So I would like to know s hould I buy it...or let fate happen D: idk. I really want a toad. But idk what to do x____x... and these frogs arent even active at all....

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    I know its not my responsibility...but yeah.... Idk what to do. I feel like ****. and Idk what to do! D: I really dont want an inactive species. D: but idk

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    Toads aren't that much different in behavior from Microhylids, such as chubby frogs and tomato frogs.

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    Ehh yeah they are... mine were extremely active. well when I was around. xD

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    My toads act just like my tomatos and rubber frogs, with one exception, toads appear to be more highly strung and are a lot more easily startled. Other than that they pretty much just sitting around waiting for dinner.

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    Ehh I think Iam going to get a Greek tortoise xD and stick to my fire bellies

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    I don't know. The owners of chubby frog aka Malaysian bullfrogs seem to really love their frogs. There's got to be something that strike their fancy with this species.

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