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    I found an injured Bullfrog today when i was outside. It looked like its right for arm was badly wounded and had a black strip going across the back of it maybe a burn? Its forearm is red I thought it was blood am i right? The frog is currently free of disease symptoms he has enough energy to turn on its back it doesn't hop a lot. Im going to wait until tomorrow to try to introduce fruit fly's the frog is rather small around half an inch long. Im keeping him in a small tub container for water to keep it moist for the night. Do I have to pick up anti-fungal solution? Hes to weak to come out to climb out of the container in the 10 gallon tank i have him in. I think part of its fingers were cut off when a car ran over them. PLEASE HELP ANYONE!

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    Ella, If the bullfrog is injured, only a vet could help him. He may need antibiotics to prevent infection if he has an open wound. Since you found him outside I assume he is not your pet frog so you may be reluctant to take him to a vet who specializes in exotic pets including frogs, but perhaps you could call one and ask if they will see him for you. At a half an inch in length, he could eat small to medium crickets but being injured and stressed he probably won't eat.

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    Hi Ella, you've gotten some great advice from Frogdaze. The only thing I would add is that if it's only half an inch long then it's not a bullfrog - even young bullfrogs are much bigger than that.
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    Im working on getting an apointment with a vet we are both very busy. But I think the frogs leg would of cleared up by then I looked at it today its a very small wound with a just a little slither of blood. P.s I measure the frog today as well it is more than half an inch im not very good with measuring lol its about 2 inches.

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