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Thread: Pacman frog biting

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    So my Pacman frog is about 4 inches and I was taking his water bowl out to clean it and he bit me, it took 15 minutes to get him off so I was just wondering if there are any ways to get him off without hurting him? Also what does it look like when they shed?

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    Yep, it happens!! LOL I think the pacman frogs are even more trigger happy(biting) than the African bullfrogs. It is best to just let them work themselves loose. If you let them sit on the ground, they may come off sooner. For extreme situations, a drop of drinking alcohol at the edge of the mouth will do the job.

    Shedding. It almost looks like a layer mucus coming off the frog, when it is in water. And they will usually eat it. If they can get it in their mouths.

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    thanks man!!

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