Hello Everyone!

I'm getting married soon and moving so unfortunately I need to get rid of my frogs.

Its a pair of D. Azureus that I purchased from Patrick Nabors about 6 months ago. They are about 1.2 years now and I've seen courting but haven't found any eggs. The male was calling the other day and it was the first time I've heard it and it makes it even harder to get rid of the little guys. They have been great frogs!

I'm selling everything for $650.00 for pickup only in Memphis TN 38111 omead83@gmail.com

-18x18x18 Exoterra cube
-Exoterra light fixure + bulb
-small Reptiflo water pump for drip wall
-under tank heatpad (small)
-whole setup: wood, plants, decor, and etc
-Exoterra hydro/thermo combo meter
-Flukers hydro/thermo combo meter
-fruit flies (wingless melanogaster)
-springtails (tropical)
-book on poison dart frogs
-vitamins and supplements
-and more...

The fruit flies should last about 4 months or so with the extra cups,media, and excelsor.
The springtail culture should last more than a year.
There is also plent of extra decor included and some things I probably left out.
I also have available two 10gallon tanks (empty) as extra if you want them.
I just spent about $1300.00 on everything about 6 months ago and I love my frogs but I have to part with them.

If you have any questions or are interested, please email me at: omead83@gmail.com