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    Question Broken Rear Legs

    I'm new to the forum and glad to see so many people are members. We have a wild American Green Tree Frog on our patio that was attacked by a dog and now has both of it's rear legs broken. This happened four days ago. Is there any chance that it's legs will heal? Can it survive in captivity with non-functioning rear legs?

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    Im not an expert or anything but I would believe it would have a better chance in captivity.

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    ya TNT is right. You may have to hand feed it with tweezers as he won't be able to chase food.

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    Start attemting to feed is asap, as it will need energy for any possible healing, or it will quickly whither away. More than likely it won't have an appetite, but you never know!

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    Hi does it crawl because if it moves it might be in the mood to eat and I found tying a bit of string around a bug at a part that I can break off e.g an antenna or wing the bug struggles more and the frogs can't resist.

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