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Thread: Crickets Roaches Or Worms????

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    Question Crickets Roaches Or Worms????

    i've been feeding my pacman crickets for about two weeks now, i've heard(whether true or false) it is good to switch up their diets....i've heard better things about roaches than worms and im just curious on your guys opinions =D ty

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    I thought when my Kermit gets bigger I'll supplement his dusted crickets with the odd pinkie
    When I get my next cricket supply at the weekend I was going to discuss the big fat worm things i was shown there last time- I sound ignorant as I can't remember the name of the worm lol
    Kermit seems to only go for his food when it moves but I'm hoping he will develop an appetite for other things as he grows

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    Default Re: Crickets Roaches Or Worms????

    They all make good staple diets. It wouldn't hurt to switch it up but it's not needed, especially if the crickets are dusted.

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