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Thread: 55 Gallon Vivarium Build

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    Default Re: 55 Gallon Vivarium Build

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric and Stitch View Post
    So I'm a new member and didnt look around a whole lot before posting my own 55 Gallon idea

    I have a couple questions since you have tackled something this size already. how do you control temperature or just rely on room temperature? And with mine being stood on end with a very tall back ground, do I need to worry about great stuff pealing off and falling forward against the front glass, if so, how do I prevent it? strategic bracing 'branches' or silicone the back wall first? I like the idea of clay since it is rootable but fear it would be too heavy for this size project.

    This looks awesome and gave me a lot of answers to my my build questions.
    Temperature is controlled by the room conditions. My house is usually around 72 to 74. I'm in the planing stage of adding fans to all my tanks to help with circulation and some temp control. As far as GS pealing off the back glass I have not seen that happen yet. Trick is to make sure the glass is really clean. I used rubbing alcohol to clean the glass and let it dry completely before spraying the GS. Another trick is to apply silicone beads all around the glass for the GS to stick too.

    I love clay for backgrounds but it can be very heavy and does shrink. My 40 breeder 40 vertical has this issue at the very top. The tank has about a inch or so gap at the top now. I will need to fill it in with more clay or some moss. The tank also does not have a automatic mister in it. That might of helped keep the clay more moist and reduced any shrinkage. One trick you can do with clay is only apply it in areas. I spray GS in areas where I put plants pot. Then carve it to shape. Add clay all around the open areas and have a nice surface for moss and other stuff. In any case using clay will make the tank really heavy and your gonna need help moving it around if you don't build in place.
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    Default Re: 55 Gallon Vivarium Build

    could you give me some info in the quikrete that you use. Did you have to use a sealent on it after you applied it? How did you mix it, per the instructions or did you dilute it? Sorry for all the questions but I'm in the process of making my first foam wall and could use some help. thanks

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