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Thread: Is this water safe?

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    Default Is this water safe?

    My Mum got this water for me from the hospital for free because it has to be chucked 24 hours after being opened and wondered if it's safe to be used as a pool or in the spray bottle.

    Not isotonic and is haemolytic.
    Does not contain an antimicrobal agent or other substance.
    Sterile, nonpryogenic.
    discard within 24 hours of opening.

    Do not use unless seal is intact. Store below 30 degrees centigrade. Do not heat this unit in excess of 80 degrees centigrade.
    Made in Australia
    1000ml Steripour.

    Thanks to anyone who helps.

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    Default Re: Is this water safe?

    sounds like sterile distiller water. I'm not framiliar with medical stuff. But I'd guess it's distilled, don't use for pool

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