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Thread: Film on top of water

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    Default Film on top of water

    I have redone my tank and have put the water area as part of the tank and put stones bought from bunnings. When I got home I washed the stones for about 20 mins until all the water draining from it was COMPLETELY clear but now there's a light grey film on top of the water. You can't see it when looking down on the watre but when you look up through the water you can see it, and when I wiggle my finger in the water the film disappears but comes back slowly. Jabba always loved the water and now that there's so much Jabba just can't resist but sit in it for hours.
    What is it and is it dangerous?

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    Default Re: Film on top of water

    Even after you washed the rocks you can still get some residue remaining. That is no big deal. Go ahead and replace the water and try again. Do you have any water movement that breaks the surface? A film can still develop on the water’s surface without water movement. I've seen it in my aquariums when I used a CO system for plant growth where you actually don't want the surface tension broken so the CO will not escape very fast and will be available for the plants.
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    I don't have any water movement apart from Jabba who seems to just hop around in the water all day.
    My plants aren't in the water though, I have pebbles in the entire bottom and I got a piece of acrylic plastic and used a hot air gun to bend it into shape put it in and filled that area with pebbles nearly to the top, then I cut a piece from the bag of soil laid that on top of the pebbles put some holes in it and then put a layer of organic soil over that and planted them in it, hopefully the roots will grow through the holes and grow into the pebbles.

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