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Thread: Pacific Chorus Frogs...tadpoles, eggs and frogs

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a half barrel pond in my garden, and last year Pacific Chorus Frogs laid eggs in it. I now have even more frogs. Last night they mated again for the first time this year and there are new eggs in the pond. However, there are STILL tadpoles that have been in this pond for almost a full year now!!!! I never knew it could take this long for these creatures to metamorphose. Should I be concerned about the new eggs? Will the tadpoles or other frogs eat them? I haven't done anything to care for these frogs, they are just living off of insects in the garden. I have counted 10 tadpoles left in the pond (it is only around 30 gallons), and I noticed one of them hanging out uncomfortably close to one of the sacs of eggs. Are they in danger?

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    I would talk to Paul Rust, he raises those guys.

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    Default Re: Pacific Chorus Frogs...tadpoles, eggs and frogs

    The tadpoles are not predatory. At worst they will consume some of the jelly from the outside of the eggs. The younger tadpoles have little to fear from the older ones.

    As to why the older tadpoles have taken this long to metamorphose, it's not uncommon for a few tadpoles to remain in permanent water bodies for much longer than their siblings. It's a kind of insurance policy against those that metamorphosed earlier dying due to harsh conditions or a bad winter. Just as some will metamorphose very early to take advantage of a low number of competitors earlier in the year.

    I hope that answers your question.
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