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    Hi, new guy here! This place is pretty cool! Never thought there would be a whole website devoted to such a topic, and I'm glad there is.

    The question burning in my head that drove me to find you folks concerns toad ID. It appears to me that every toad has unique spot/color patterns that I might use to tell one toad from another. Is this a valid assumption?

    Also, if that's true, do those spot patterns remain the same over a long period of time or do they change?

    I appreciate any input. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Toad Identification

    From what I kow of toads, bufos, is there can be many similarities with in the same species but also many variables, esp. between the genders. I had a wild caught average garden bufo that looked WAY different from others that were in the same area as her. she had a lot of reds and deep browns with minimal tans, and some of the others were the polar opposite, light with a lot of tans and muted browns and no reds so it's hard to say. As far as the bumps and such they too can change from one toad to another of the same species altho the poison glands will be located in the same spot on most toads, the other body bumps (are those called tubicles on toads as they are on geckos???) can change as the animal matures just like colors can change as they mature. Most herps have juvie colors and adult colors which help aide the collector at least to determine age or even gender to some degree maybe depending on species, but I find the one thing that stays most common across the board in a species is body shape.

    Granted I don't have as much experience as other keepers on this site as far as the different species and their differences, I'm very much a beginner but these are the observations I have made in my own environment as far as local species go.

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    Thanks for the input, Kel. I'm not so much concerned with identifying one species from another as I am identifying, say, one particular toad from another one of the same species. When I'm out wandering the yard and find a toad, I want to know if that toad is the same one I found last week. My theory is that I might be able to tell one bufo from another based on their unique spots.

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    Anybody have any info on individual toad ID? I know that some studies have been done where they clipped toes in various combinations, but I can't help but think that would affect the study...

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