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Thread: New! American Green Tree Frog.

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    Question New! American Green Tree Frog.

    Hi. I'm new to the forum

    I just bought my boyfriend two tree frogs for his birthday. BUT I have a question for anyone who can help??

    We've had them in the terrarium for two days. The temperature and humidity are both fine. But they don't seem very active? Just wondering if this is unusual?

    And we're not sure if they're eating the crickets or if the crickets are just hiding in the terraruim somewhere? Surely the frogs would hunt them if they were hungry?

    I figured they might just be getting used to new surroundings, but owning frogs is totally new to us, so we're a bit worried (some might say paranoid ).

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Why don't you post a picture of your frogs and their setup so we can see if it is environmental. Chances are it's just that they are nocturnal frogs they wont move around in the daytime at all. At night it should be completely dark for them and gradually they'll get use to their new home. Lots of plants as cover helps spead up that process.

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    hello i have 3 of these frogs and for the first couple of days they didn't do much until they got use to their new enclosure. But they are defiantly more active at night which is when they will eat the food.

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    Some people use a glass bowl to put crix in all the time. Make sure it's big enough for ur frog can get out, this way u can see if they're eating. Crix cannot climb glass and some may hop out, but not many. There was an article on this if u use search engine u will find it. I beleive it was titled cricket bowl or how do u serve your crickets? Not sure, but good luck. They can take a month or more to get used to u. Be patient, if it's a dumpy/whites, you can offer food in morning and eventually they'll wait for their treat. Wax worms make them love u!!!!!! But not more than 1X a week. Offer a cricket if u still want to give them something.

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    We have an American Tree frog home, and as you've already read, it's nocturnal. This being said, it will probably take a few days before you see movement, even at night. What worked for us was adding lots of foliage which gives a place to hide for the frog and a sense of security. They will end up moving and feed once they settle down. Like Cheri said, you could post some pics which would give a better feel of their enclosure.

    Welcome to the forum!


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    hey how are your frogs?

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