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Thread: PLEASE HELP! Whites Tree Frog Injured Leg, very swollen, full of blood

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    Exclamation PLEASE HELP! Whites Tree Frog Injured Leg, very swollen, full of blood

    Hi everyone,

    I just joined this forum to request help with a serious problem I'm having with my White's Tree Frog, Eli. We've had him for 3 years now, and he's always been a happy frog. Recently, he cut his leg on a wire sticking out of the mesh top of his viv. We moved since we first got him, and currently do not live within several hours of a vet that can help us. I read online and consulted a few professionals and they suggested applying hydrogen peroxide with a paintbrush several times a day. We were doing this and it looked like he was pretty much healed up. We stopped once the wounds looked pretty much closed. The whole time he has been eating well, etc.

    After not seeing Eli out for several days, I checked on him today. His leg is now very swollen and it appears to be red with blood under the skin. I immediately took him out and used hydrogen peroxide on his leg, but I don't know what else to do! I would take him to a vet but all the vets in the area I've called have told me they have no amphibian experience and wouldn't be of much help. Can anyone help me? What should I do, can can anything be done? He is already in a solitary enclosure that I wiped down and removed all extra materials besides paper towel substrate (soft and non-harmful) and his water dish. I don't want to see him in pain, and I certainly don't want to lose him. Please help!

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    Sorry to hear about your frog. It definately sounds like you need to get him to a Vet ASAP. Check out to see if you can find a herp vet in your local area. If all else fails take photos of the frog and his injured leg and email them to and see if he can help. Your frog's leg is probably infected and you're going to need some professional help. We wish you the best and keep us posted on how he does. Also if you can please put in your location on your profile so that we can help you better.

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