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Thread: New owner, A few questions

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    Default New owner, A few questions

    I got my pacman 2 days ago, he is in a 10 gallon exo terra viv, 2.0 light temp is around 80-85 with humidity 66-75% with eco-earth and sphagnum moss. Hes pretty small around 2-3 inches.

    I read that tap water is no good because of the chlorine, anyone know if the water from the fridge is better, since it goes through a filter? Or should I stick to bottled?

    He has been buried since I got him, could this be aestivation? How could I tell?

    Also he doesn't seem interested in eating I left him with a cricket which is now gone, so he may have eaten it, but it could also be burrowed inside the eco-earth.

    Speaking of crickets, when they refer to gut loading, do most places gut load the crickets they raise? Or should I be the one trying to gut load them?


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    Default Re: New owner, A few questions

    Congrats on your new frog and welcome to the forum!

    I would suggest using reptisafe for your water. It's super cheap and it goes a really long ways. Zoo Med Reptisafe Water Conditioner: 8.75 oz #WC8 - Conditioners & ...

    It's normal for pacman to burrow down into their substrate. All of mine spend 99% of their time with only their eyes peeking out, if that. I think that's just what makes them feel comfortable.

    I would gut load the crickets yourself. Many pet shops usually don't feed their crickets at all unless they are breeding them personally. Usually they get a order in and quickly they go back out. I would suggest putting aside a meal in a separate container with their food and water 24-12 hours before you plan to serve them.

    If you just put the crickets in with your pacman loosely then pull them back out after they have been in there for a days as they will no longer contain the same nutrients.

    Have you tried tong feeding? With 2 of mine, if I just throw the crickets in with them they won't put any effort into hunting them down, but if I dangle one in front of them they go wild for it.

    Hope that helps you out!

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    Default Re: New owner, A few questions

    Hm, I'm not sure about the fridge water, but I use conditioner with tap water. You can buy a gallon of spring water, and use that. Then refill it with tap water, and use the conditioner to treat it. Its really easy to use and pretty much every pet store sells conditioner. You also won't have to buy bottled water all the time.
    Usually you can peek into the container at the pet store you buy from to see if they have gut-load in there. I would think most places do, but I'm sure you could ask your pet store
    You should also be gut-loading them at home. I'm not too sure about pac man frogs, but I know for my whites I coat them with vitamins for the frogs a couple times a week This to prevent diseases, and to keep them generally healthy.

    As for the borrowing, I don't have any personal experience with pac mans, but I think they naturally borrow, they aren't really like tree frogs that will climb anything, so I don't think you have anything to worry about there. But I would wait for someone else to answer that that actually owns or has had pac man frogs. Hope I helped

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    Default Re: New owner, A few questions

    Thanks for the advice guys, I'll definitely be using it! Yes I did use tongs and in a separate container, still wasn't interested.

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    Default Re: New owner, A few questions

    @ Levi: I would let him settle in first, my first pacman frog didn't eat until after a week.

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