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    I'm new here on these forums and just posted some stuff in the introductory forum if your interested in reading more about me but the big reason I joined this forum was to help me identify my pet toad. I've taken some pictures with my cellphone so they're pretty low quality but thought it still might help.

    Just a little disclaimer, I did obtain this toad legally as I have a current AZ fishing license. Also, I have read about their potential hazards to dogs and cats and know of their poison harvesting and smoking. This is not my intention.

    I caught him/her in northern phoenix several days after some heavy rain/hail in late december. Using AZGFD's website, I've narrowed it down to two different types of toads, Arizona Toad, and Sonoran Desert toad. I've also read and looked through the Sonoran Desert Toad Care article on this website. Mine looks identical to the toad on the right in this picture that I attached, which was borrowed from that article. Every time I try to take a picture of it from head on, it turns and points its poison glans at me. The other picture I've uploaded is of my toad and was the best one I was able to obtain with my phone.

    So i guess my question is, is anyone able to give me a positive identification of the species of toad I have?
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    It an Arizona toad, Anaxyrus microscaphus.

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    Thanks for the response

    Well I examined my toad some more and he is lacking the glands on his rear legs and large white wart(it has one but very very small) So it isn't a colorado river toad. Also, its glands are round opposed to being oval. This leads me to believe its a Red-spotted toad instead of the arizona toad which has oval glands. What leads you to believe its an arizona toad?

    I was hoping it was a Sonoran desert toad. I'm going to catch one this summer around monsoon season. Does anyone else live in AZ and know of a good place to catch them?

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