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Thread: Waxy Monkey Frog Care Sheet

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    Default Waxy Monkey Frog Care Sheet

    Has anyone had any experience with Waxy Monkey frogs and would like to share their experience?

    I am thinking about picking one up and would like to hear/see how you had the tank set up. As well as anything else you would suggest.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Waxy Monkey Frog Care Sheet

    I've been keeping a group of four for 2 months now. They like it hot and relatively dry. Provide a basking light above a branch in the cage. The area under the light should get up to 90 degrees. Only mist them about once a day. They should have a shallow dish for them to soak in if they need to. They can't climb smooth surfaces very well, so provide lots of climbing branches for them. As far as plants go, use succulents like Aloe vera.

    Here is a link that shows some plants suitable for a Waxy Monkey frog vivarium:

    Good luck! You'll enjoy them, they are great captives!

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    Default Re: Waxy Monkey Frog Care Sheet

    Thank you for your help

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