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Thread: Help, I found an injured Squirrel Frog

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    Default Help, I found an injured Squirrel Frog

    Hello all, I am completely new to this forum but I can't seem to find any information on helping an injured Frog anywhere on the internet.

    I have no knowledge on how to care for frogs in the least. I'm an animal lover right down to my very core and I just want to help this little guy so he doesn't die. I have a pond right across my street.

    Now here's the problem, I found him on the side of the road. He barely moved, the only reason I picked him up was because I saw his heart beating, just a little.

    I did identify it as a Squirrel Frog, he has the white spot/strip underneath his eyes.

    At first his eyes were red and I thought it was just the color of his eyes til I looked closer. Someone must have stepped on him or something because both eyes are bloody and his right back leg is broken. He was nearly shriveled, still breathing but barely.

    I brought him home and put some lukewarm water in a bowl, a little cooler but not cold, about 1/2 an inch of water. His breathing and heartbeat picked up and he's a little more alert and perky now.

    I'm just worried about letting him go with his hurt eyes.

    Can someone help me please?

    What should I do, should I get some crickets from the pet store? Should I let him go and let nature takes its course?

    My compassion got in the way, I couldn't leave him there. ^^;

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    Default Re: Help, I found an injured Squirrel Frog

    Sounds like a veternarian issue. I am guessing that there are some internal injuries/bleeding. Take him to a vet or a wildlife rehab center.

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    Default Re: Help, I found an injured Squirrel Frog

    I think Kurt's being optimistic. I hate to give caring people bad news but if he's been stood on and he's still alive then he's most likely going to have a slow lingering death. I hope not though.
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    Default Re: Help, I found an injured Squirrel Frog

    Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
    I think Kurt's being optimistic.
    Now there's something you don't here everyday.

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