I've had my ball since 1992, he was 5. Anywho, in setting up my whites cage, heavy price tag. I looked over at my poor snake. Heat rock, water bowl and one cheesy decorated stick. Hhhmmm, I thaught I'd spent tons of money on these frogs, he needs atleast a hide. I went and found a nice driftwood bark and now he acts wild. He loves the bark, but hadn't visited his water bowl or heat rock in two months. As I was cleaning, he reared up at me, and barely missed. Although I don't think snakes can miss. He's never struck at me before, and had recenty eaten. I beleive just the smell of the wild braught back memories where he'd escaped. On those occasions(2x outside) he'd acted the same way(but not striking) and moving very fast. So do u all think this is because of age or the smell.